The Synergist: Your guide to personal, professional and relational brilliance

Synergist (an agent that facilitates the activity of another, an agent that acts with or enhances or augments the action of another) + Resolve (your firm determination to do something) = Brilliance; Splendor; Magnificence


Welcome to Bowen Coaching Services. Jesse Bowen is committed to creating safe yet challenging spaces where insight, growth, and excellence  flourish.

Typically people seek coaching in one of the following scenarios:
1. You are already moving toward your chosen goal or direction but are running into obstacles and challenges
2. You have a desired goal or direction in mind but are unsure how to get to there
3. You have a goal or direction in mind but aren’t sure it’s the right one for you
4. You know you need or want something new but aren’t sure what it is
5. You want to overcome a fear that is getting in your way

  • If you want more out of your life
  • If you want something different than what you already have
  • If you have a desire to explore what is holding you back and a commitment to transforming some aspect of your life

                                              then coaching is for you!


Bowen Coaching has a strict non-discrimination policy. Everyone who sincerely wants to create a new direction for themselves is welcome regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, heritage, race, ability, size, family structure, history, etc.

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